Eileen Zizecli – Coleman of Wales

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About the Author
My first introduction to spiritual guides and inspirers began in the early nineties when I was woken in the middle of the night. To my amazement I was shown a group of people standing above the foot of my bed, arranged in the form of a pyramid. They seemed to be bathed in a golden glow as if illuminated by firelight and at the very top stood an Egyptian lady with large, dark eyes who held me in her gaze. There were many people of different nationalities and I scanned them avidly, always being drawn back to the top of the pyramid absolutely mesmerised! Shortly after this incident an oriental guide introduced himself to me by the name of Tyekinder and told me:- “Go forth and learn – be like the urn that is forever full – as each new truth is learnt and understood more knowledge will filter through in an endless stream. Sometimes it comes in a torrent and takes time to digest – at other times it is but a mere trickle. Don’t keep it to yourself so the water becomes stagnant – but pass on this knowledge to others”. Over the next few years I received regular transmissions to help and guide me and my first step on the spiritual ladder was as a healer. I also started to write poetry with a spiritual message and this gradually developed into something much deeper. I would wake in the night with words filling my mind and started to keep a journal by my bedside; I had a strange sensation in the back of my nose when contact was needed as if a spiritual door had opened, years later I realised this was the pineal gland that was being activated. This became a way of life for me and I looked forward to the regular contact, which culminated in ‘New Visions for the Future of Mankind’ being published in 2009. I am very excited about my second book ‘We Come as One Voice’ as it demonstrates the strengthening connection we can achieve through regular meditation, accessing the golden portal within our hearts that lead us to other dimensions and back to the Source of all that is.

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